What’s in my lunchbox when I’m on a day fishing trip



Since I’m pretty passionate about my angling expeditions, I thought about putting together a short list of the snacks I take with me when I go out on a whole day fishing trip. In case you’re out and about and really have nowhere to buy something to nibble on, your hunger might end up having a negative impact on your entire experience. That being said, I strongly advise you to start by eating a protein-packed breakfast before going on the road.

If you have no means of having breakfast while you’re still at home and in the proximity of all your kitchen appliances, my next suggestion would be to take some egg salad with you. If you have some pre-grilled chicken, it will work great with the salad and a tortilla wrap, as well.

Since I’m trying to maintain a healthy living style, I usually take a trail mix with me so that I don’t get overly hungry and eat everything that I’ve packed for a whole day all at once. You can use any trail mix recipe that you’ll find online, but some treats packed with antioxidants include dried cranberries, dried bananas, any dried fruit and raw seeds. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, be sure to add some chocolate flakes and coconut chips.

I used to take some beef jerky with me, as well, but these days I’m trying to quit eating it as I’m slowly working toward becoming a vegetarian. That’s why I usually go for sandwiches, veggies, and dip. If you make or buy some hummus ( or ask my wife to prepare one), you can practically use any vegetable, whether you prefer celery, cucumber, carrots, or peppers.

The most challenging detail about going fishing for a whole day is related to the weather. Nothing beats the elements if they want to ruin your entire fun. That’s why you have to think beforehand and prepare yourself if the weather is chilly, if there’s a chance of rain, or if it’s just windy. In that case, you should keep some hot treats at hand that can warm you up whenever you might need it. Take some coffee or hot cocoa in a thermos and always have something with you that you can use as a fire source.

In fact, I have recently stumbled upon an innovative product that can take your fishing trip to a whole new level. It’s called Enki Stove, and it’s basically a gadget that you can use to make a fire with the help of biofuel found in the woods. Any wood chips, dry leaves, even animal excrement can be used as the biofuel, and the stove will do exactly what it’s been designed to.

I hope that these suggestions were helpful. If you have any more, be sure to leave them in the comments!



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